Glittering tips & tricks

3 tips on how to add a little bling to your pet’s life

A little bird told me you are a diamond painting expert who owns quite a collection of prints and that the leftover pieces of diamonds drive you crazy as they scatter around the house. What is even worse, your pet seems to have a taste for them whenever it finds one lost on the floor – we know it is not good for them.

We have come to your rescue!

Here are 3 tips on how to re-use your diamond pieces and simultaneously make your pet’s world shine even brighter.

Decorate your pet’s collar:

3 tips on how to add a little bling to your pet’s life

Why not add a little bling bling to your pet’s collar by using the leftover diamonds? Make sure you use a plain fabric, grasp a drill and you are ready to begin!

We assure you that every other pet will want to have such a unique piece of wardrobe.

Decorate your pet’s bowls:

We tend to surround ourselves with the prettiest cutlery and dish sets we can imagine, yet when it comes to our furry friends we quite often forget about (sometimes) much-needed aesthetics.

It is time to change things around.

Gather some leftover diamonds from your kits and search for that super glue you threw into one of the messy drawers a few months ago.

Let your imagination take you by surprise and beautify your pet’s bowls. Who knows? Maybe they will be less picky with their food afterward?

Decorate your pet’s outwear:

Last but not least, put some effort into your pet’s clothes (if they wear any).

Be the designer you always knew you should be and create something extraordinary for your pet. Who said only humans can be fashionable?

Someone could say it is unnecessary, but we say why not?

Create and be creative – unleash the inner artist and let it be seen!