About us.

The story behind carat.art – it all started with Corona and a puzzle…

One evening in the middle of the first lockdown, we accidentally dug out a huge puzzle from the closet that had been slumbering there for years. Once started, surprisingly it became a family project. Several evenings we spent putting the picture together having a lot of fun.

At some point the puzzle covered the entire dining room table, making it impossible to use the table. We were puzzled, as we didn’t want to take it apart or cover it. We were forced to look for another solution to our puzzle addiction. To our surprise we found something completely different on the Internet: Diamond Painting. It was described as a way of doing the puzzle but with a magic twist and you could roll it away and store it at any point. It looked very exciting and promising, exactly what we have been looking for. We were very curious and ordered a few sets to try out….

It was such fun… some of us even became almost addicted… Somehow it was meditative and yet you could also sit with the whole family and talk while doing it. We “puzzled” our first Diamond Paintings together, with a much nicer feeling than a normal puzzle. And it was really easy to pause and put it away without a fear of getting it messed up or destroyed.

The variety of motives we had found on Interent wasn’t diverse enough and the quality of the products from different suppliers we have tested was not convincing. In addition, delivery times were far too long and materials smelled strongly of plastic.

We shared our experiences with a few friends who were infected by our enthusiasm for Diamond Painting. And also by our idea of what we could make of it with other motifs, additional products, better quality and a good online shop.
This is how our own shop – carat.art – came into being, with products of the right quality. A clear strategy on how to ensure the uniqueness of the motifs. A platform with the aim of going beyond what is already available on the market.

The philosophy behind carat.art is to create a balance for the virtual world, in which we would be able to easily lose ourselves, with handcrafted creativity. Being creative with your hands. Like doing a puzzle, but better. It’s a perfect addition to any family gathering, but is equally suitable for a cozy evening alone.