Carat Stories

Attention, it’s addictive!

A friend told me about Diamond Painting and since I was looking for a creative activity to do at home anyway, I started looking for it on the internet.

By chance, I ended up at I liked the homepage and the large selection of motives, but it wasn’t easy to decide which picture to choose with THIS huge selection!

In the end, my longing for faraway places and the desire for a little Africa at home decided, as long as I can’t travel for the time being because of Corona, I ordered a motif with an elephant in the savannah.

Attention, it’s addictive!

I was very excited when my package arrived just 2 days later. The packaging looked promising. Picture-by-picture instructions were printed on the outside and everything was inside to get started right away.

I started straight away and I have to say: It worked great from the beginning and it was real fun to line up the stones and watch how piece by piece a sparkling work of art grows under my fingers…

Attention, it’s addictive!

When I sit down to continue, I almost can’t stop. I always think at some point: I’m about to finish! Just one more colour! And then one more… just this one… oh, one more…!

Well, I am a fan and this is definitely not my last Diamond Painting!

My new hobby with absolute addictiveness!