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FAQ Diamond Painting
What is Diamond Painting?
Diamond Painting is a new form of art in which pictures are broken down into a mosaic pattern.
Making Diamond Painting is very simple and works like painting by numbers.
However, you do not create the picture with brush and paint, but in the end the canva is being covered with small acrylic glass stones according to the pattern.
Printed symbols show you in which areas of the canvas corresponding stones should be placed. This way you can easily create a wonderful and extraordinary work of art.

To get you started straight away, our Diamond Painting Sets include all the essential accessories to help you with the process.
Can I create my personal Diamond Painting based on my own image?
Currently, this feature is not yet available, but we are constantly working to improve user experience on Soon it will be possible to create your own personalised Diamond Painting.
Are all the necessary accessories included in the kit?
Yes, each kit comes with an exclusive premium first-time accessory set that includes all the tools needed to create a Diamond Painting.
Does also offer accessories?
Where does Carat Art deliver?
You can order from most EU countries, Switzerland, Norway, the US and many other countries.
What are the shipping costs in Germany?
Shipping costs vary depending on the value of your order. For orders placed in Germany worth up to €29.99, shipping costs are max. €5.99. For orders over €30.00 the shipment is free.
What are the shipping costs outside Germany?
Shipping costs vary depending on the value of your order and the shipping method.
Within Europe: The shipping cost vary and depend on the country where order has been placed or to which it is to be shipped.
For example for an order value between €30.00 and €59.99, the cost could differ between €8.99 and €19.99
For orders over €40.00 (AT, BE, NL, LU, DK, CZ) or over €50.00 (FR, PL, MC) or over €60.00 (AD, BG, EE, FI, GR, IE, IT, HR, MT, SM, SE, SK, SI, ES, HU, VA) or over €90.00 (other European countries), we offer free shipment.
How long does it take to receive my order?
Delivery times stated by us are calculated from the time of our order confirmation, subject to prior payment of the purchase price. Articles in the online shop with the status "available immediately" have a delivery time of approx. 1 to 5 days within Germany, 2 to 6 days within Europe and 3 to 8 days outside Europe.
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