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Even More Diamond Painting Tips and Tricks

After we already introduced you to 9 helpful tips in our blog post “Diamond Painting Tips and Tricks” that can help you make your Diamond Painting artwork even easier to do, here are some more tips and tricks for you.

Tip 10: Clean Diamond Painting Pens

Old wax that has lost its adhesive power but is still stuck in the pen can prevent you from picking up new wax. So clean your Diamond Painting pen every now and then to avoid this, or clean it when you notice that your wax is no longer sticky enough to hold new diamonds, but you still don’t notice any improvement after poking your wax. Use pointed Diamond Painting tweezers or a toothpick to completely remove the old wax from the pen tip cavity. You can then pick up new wax again and continue working without any problems.

Even More Diamond Painting Tips and Tricks

Tip 11: Water instead of wax

If you don’t have any wax on hand because you’ve run out or misplaced it, you still don’t have to give up your favorite hobby. With this simple trick, the Diamond Painting fun can still go on. All you need is some water in a small glass or other container. First, remove any wax residue that may still be on the tip. Now simply dip your Diamond Painting pen tip into the water.
Water will now collect in the hollow space of the tip, to which the diamonds will adhere. You can now pick up and place your diamonds as usual. Dip the tip into the water again regularly to maintain the effect. Small amounts of water that remain on the diamonds evaporate quickly on their own and do not need to be wiped off.

Tip 12: Painting in a checkerboard pattern

Especially with larger areas of the same color, you will notice if not all the diamonds are exactly the same size or if you have not worked exactly. Then the set diamonds shift and everything looks crooked and skewed.
To avoid slightly twisted Diamond Painting rhinestones and thus uneven rows, it is recommended to paint larger areas of a color in the so-called checkerboard pattern. This means that you place a tile only on every second field of a row and in every next row as well, but staggered in such a way that a pattern like on a chessboard is created. Then fill in the remaining gaps and all the Diamond Painting rhinestones will line up perfectly by themselves. Just give it a try! Also helpful can be the use of a Diamond Painting template to set all the rhinestones cleanly and accurately. They are available for both square and round rhinestones and you can find them, along with many other useful accessories, in our
Diamond Painting Shop for accessories.

Even More Diamond Painting Tips and Tricks

Tip 13: Permanently fix diamonds that jump out

Every now and then it can happen that one or more diamonds that you have already placed on your canvas just don’t want to stick there and come loose again. These so-called “popping” diamonds sometimes simply need to be bonded to the adhesive layer of the canvas with a little more pressure. A simple trick for this is to pick up the reluctant diamond again with your pen and place it in its intended spot. Then simply take your rolling pin or dough roller from the kitchen, which you normally use to work with dough, and roll it over the diamond-studded canvas surface. Apply a little downward pressure and the rolling pin will ensure that any diamonds that pop out will stick perfectly and permanently. If you don’t have a rolling pin or don’t want to use it, we also have special Diamond Painting Rollers in our Diamond Painting Accessories.

Tip 14: Rescue spilled diamonds

It can easily happen that you knock over a box or bag of diamonds or that the diamonds don’t end up in the desired place when you pour them back, but instead all over the desk or even on the floor. In order not to spend hours collecting all the little diamonds again, this trick can save you: Use a lint roller, which is normally used to remove lint or pet hair. The slightly sticky surface of this lint roller will also make your spilled diamonds stick to it and you’ll have them collected again in no time!

Even More Diamond Painting Tips and Tricks

Tip 15: Sign your diamond picture

Use leftover diamonds to leave your initials or name color-coded in a corner of your Diamond Painting. This adds a special touch to your DIY artwork and makes it a truly unique Diamond Painting!

Tip 16: Have a pack of baby wipes in the house

The adhesive layer of the canvases of our Diamond Painting pictures is very high quality and has a very good adhesive strength. However, there is always the possibility of a mishap, such as forgetting to cover the canvas again with the transparent protective film after you have finished working, or that dust, lint or pet hair somehow sticks to it, which of course reduces the adhesive strength. If you feel that your canvas is not sticking well for such a reason or you see visible dirt on it, you can try a quick trick. Use baby wipes to wipe over the surface of your adhesive layer. These wipes can gently clean the adhesive layer of your canvas, removing smudges and thereby restoring the adhesive strength so that your diamonds will stick again without any problems.

Tip 17: Save excess diamonds for future projects

It’s always a good idea to save unused materials, even if you don’t know what to do with them yet. Invest in a storage system and stash leftover diamonds, wax, and other supplies there. You never know when you might need them again. When storing your leftover diamonds, always label them with their respective DMC numbers to make sure you know what color they are in the future.

Even More Diamond Painting Tips and Tricks

Tip 18: Diamond Painting leftover recycling

Who hasn’t often wondered if you can’t make something beautiful with all those beautiful glitter diamonds left over at the end of a project!!!? Here we have a list of great ideas for what to do with excess Diamond Painting rhinestones.

  • Fill beautiful bottles with leftover diamonds and add them to the shelf as decorations. You can create colored layers as well as fill in the diamonds in a colorful mixture. Both look beautiful.
  • Put a strip of double-sided tape on the glass and stick a pattern of Diamond Painting rhinestones on it. Then you can use the glass as a lantern.
  • Buy simple greeting cards or design and print them yourself on the computer and pimp them with Diamond Painting rhinestones to very special cards with 3D effect by sticking lines, lettering or contours with Diamond Painting rhinestones. Special shaped rhinestones like the ones that are included in our Diamond Painting notebooks are particularly suitable for this purpose.
  • Create your own and very individual Diamond Painting tool holder by filling a large storage jar with Diamond Painting rhinestones and putting Diamond Painting pens and tools in it.
  • Stick the outside of the aluminum or plastic bowl of a tea light with double-sided tape and then decorate it with Diamond Painting rhinestones to create a pretty individual table decoration.
  • Create your own bookmark with Diamond Painting rhinestones.
  • Fill transparent blank key chains for photos not with photos but with Mini Diamond Paintings.
  • Decorate your nails with glittering Diamond Painting rhinestones during your next manicure.

With these 18 helpful tips and tricks from this blog post and our first part “Diamond Painting Tips and Tricks” we hope we could give you a lot of ideas about Diamond Painting. We wish you a lot of fun with your creative DIY hobby!