Carat Stories


Digital Timeout with Diamond Painting

Living in the era, where digital technology is bombarding us from every angle, becomes harder and harder to unite family and to do something creative together. Netflix and game consoles are present pretty much in every household, and internet connection is a vital part of the daily routine.

Having grown up in the remote countryside my childhood was so much different to the childhood of my children. On the one side you want your children to have everything, you don’t want them to stick out because they don’t have what is trendy. On the other side you would love them to enjoy, to be creative, to imagine, to play. Finding the right balance just seems impossible, even more so when kids start to become teenagers and their world of daily dramas becomes more important.

Looking for the right solution in how to keep my family together took some hours of research and thinking. My friend told me about diamond painting, and at first I was a little sceptical, but after completion of my first kit, I whispered to myself – BINGO!

dad mum and kid party dad mum and kid party

And from the very beginning of its creation my family has grown more curious in the process and without realising everyone was helping.

BRILLIANT – I thought! This is exactly what I was planning to achieve!

Since that moment we have developed an impressive collection of artwork, which adorns the walls inside our home.

Every single one of them tells a different story full of sparkling anecdotes, jokes and laughter.