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How my grandma overcame sadness with diamond painting

My grandma is almost 72 years old. In her glory days, she used to sew and knit a lot.

I remember when I was a little girl she used to sew dresses for my barbie dolls. She has always been a creative person and has loved to make all sorts of stuff by herself.

If DIY was a thing in the 1960s, she would be the queen of it.

How my grandma overcame sadness with diamond painting

A few months ago my grandpa died and left her with an empty house. My parents and I tried to visit her as often as possible, but with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it was not as frequent as we would like.

The loneliness and lack of company developed the first symptoms of depression. She stopped being the cheerful little beam of sunshine she always used to be.

I got really worried.

At first, I thought about getting her a pet, but that would be just another thing she would have to take care of when in reality, she was the one who needed to be taken care of.

One day, I stumbled upon a diamond painting website and was introduced to a completely new approach towards art. Let me tell you, it was something.

Immediately, I thought of my grandma.

I have looked through different designs, but nothing screamed “buy me”, but then I found the design it yourself option.

I searched for an old photo of my grandparents and put it on the website. I was amazed by how accurate the diamond painting appeared to be. Without second-guessing, I ordered the print and waited for its arrival.

I remember when I gave it to my grandma – she looked at me skeptically, but I could see a hint of a smile on her face.

“What are you getting me into, darling?” she asked.

When I visited next week, the painting was already hanging on the living room wall. I looked at it and could not believe it was made out of plastic, moreover, by my grandma!

It looked so real.

Now, there are several other diamond paintings hanging in my grandma’s house.

By doing Diamond Paintings her mood changed -Her mood has also changed – she seems to be more upbeat and creative. She calls herself an underground artist who has not had a chance to be discovered. She and her friends meet every few weeks for a diamond painting session when all of them “paint” their prints.

It has brought joy to my grandma’s life and I have to admit, I got one kit for myself as well!