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Diamond Painting Shop

Discover our large Diamond Painting selection

If you want to buy Diamond Paintings, you are exactly right here in the Diamond Painting Shop of Carat Art. Our online store offers you a wide selection of Diamond Paintings in different sizes and with many different motifs. Our assortment includes Standard Diamond Paintings as well as exclusively licensed artist pictures – our Carat Art Collection. For these Diamond Painting motifs, which are only available from us, it is especially important to us to work directly with the artists or their agencies, so that they are directly involved in every picture sold.
In addition, you will find a large selection of beautiful and inexpensive Diamond Painting accessories, especially beautiful glittering Diamond Painting AB diamonds, beautiful Diamond Painting notebooks and extra for children Diamond Painting stickers. Just browse through our versatile categories and discover exactly your favorite Diamond Painting motif, your new set of Diamond Painting glitter stones, your much needed Diamond Painting wax supplies or your new Diamond Painting storage box for the next project.

Diamond Painting items with fast delivery

All our Diamond Painting items in our large assortment with status “available” are shipped directly from our warehouse in Germany, so you can enjoy them quickly without long waiting times. So if you are looking for a new Diamond Painting, your new project in our Diamond Painting Shop is only a mouse click away and thus in the shortest time at your home. Also with new Diamond Painting accessories we don’t let you wait long and from an order value over 30,00 € and a delivery address in Germany we even take over the shipping costs for you. If you want more information about our delivery times and conditions, just click here. If you have any further questions, the Carat Art team will be happy to answer them personally. You can contact us anytime by e-mail or by phone during our service hours.

All about Diamond Painting & Diamond Puzzle

There are many terms for this relaxing and creative activity, but they always mean the same thing, namely the “Do it yourself” art form, in which images are printed in a pixel pattern on a canvas, which is then pasted pixel by pixel or field by field with small colored diamonds. The principle is similar to painting by numbers, except that the individual fields on the canvas are not painted with brushes and paint, but the Diamond Painting image is created by gluing thousands of small colored diamond-cut plastic stones. So you paint or puzzle with small diamonds and printed symbols show where the respective diamond colors are placed. As soon as all fields are covered with the colored and beautifully glittering diamonds, the diamond picture is finished and the motif can be admired as a sparkling 5D Diamond Painting picture. In this way, anyone can easily and without prior knowledge create a wonderful and extraordinary diamond artwork.
For all those who have never made a Diamond Painting, we have a detailed Diamond Painting tutorial, which shows with many pictures step by step and explains how easy it is to create a fascinating and very plastic-looking 5D Diamond Painting.

Carat Art – your Diamond Painting Shop

Do you enjoy being creative, creating enchanting works of art with your hands and bringing more beauty and sparkle into your life? Then Diamond Painting is the right hobby for you.
Start your Diamond Painting journey today and see how you too can easily create a unique glittering diamond puzzle, diamond by diamond. All you need is one of our Diamond Painting Sets, because of course our sets are designed so that you not only get the canvas, but in each set is everything you need to create your work of art. The scope of delivery of each Carat Art Diamond Painting Sets thus includes:

  • Printed premium canvas with the motif you choose
  • Legend so you can see where the matching diamonds need to be placed
  • Exclusive Diamond Painting tool set (Diamond Painting tray, Diamond Painting pen with foam handle and 2 multiple attachments, metal tweezers, Diamond Painting wax in handy container)
  • High-quality 5D diamonds, sorted by color and in sufficient quantity
  • short illustrated Diamond Painting instructions

So you just have to choose one of our beautiful Diamond Painting pictures and you automatically get a complete set that includes everything to try this creative DIY hobby. In addition, you will find in the Carat Art Shop a lot of Diamond Painting accessories, with which your hobby is even more fun and also special small Diamond Painting projects for in between or as a gift. As soon as your Diamond Painting order arrives, you can start immediately and your relaxing and creative time out can begin.