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Diamond Painting Stickers Set

Diamond Painting Sticker Sets from Carat Art

Are you still looking for a theme or the perfect activity for the next children’s birthday party? Is it raining cats and dogs and your kids are bored out of their minds? Do you want to keep a few kids busy at the same time while encouraging them through play? Still need a perfect little gift for a creative kid?
We have the answer! Diamond Painting sticker sets!
They are ideal for keeping a group of kids busy at the same time. Each child can choose their favorite sticker and easily stick it on with the included colorful and delightfully glittery diamonds. Our Diamond Painting stickers come in many different designs – for boys and girls – and guarantee hours of creative crafting fun! They are colorful, lightfast and a fantastic craft activity for young and old.

Only in our Diamond Painting Shop

Each of our Diamond Painting sticker sets includes two sheets of stickers along with two tool sets – all for the price of one! Perfect for keeping two kids busy at the same time. And if the Diamond Painting party is bigger, these kid-friendly Diamond Painting pens and trays are the perfect addition, for a worry-free, creative and fun experience for all!
Diamond Painting stickers are THE new and original craft fun for an unforgettable day, with no stress and no fuss! And the kids will be thrilled!

What other occasions are Diamond Painting stickers great for?

Even without a party, our Carat Art Diamond Painting stickers are a great activity. Kids love to craft and get creative, and they also love stickers. With a DIY Diamond Painting sticker design kit, they can first experience creative crafting fun and then decorate something with their homemade stickers to personalize it. As an occupation for children, the stickers are suitable when, for example

  • the weather is bad and you simply run out of ideas
  • you have other children over and need something for everyone to do
  • you are on vacation and the usual vacation activities have lost their luster
  • you want to do something creative together with your child to create lasting memories together

Why Diamond Painting for kids?

Our innovative Diamond Painting sticker sets are not only a lot of fun for kids, but DiamondPainting promotes at the same time:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Ability to concentrate
  • Attention to detail
  • Color perception
  • Dexterity

In addition, the individual stickers are just the right size to give children a quick sense of achievement. In the end, holding their own self-made sticker in their hand makes them proud and thus strengthens their child’s self-confidence.

What can Diamond Painting stickers be used for?

There are endless uses for our stickers! The Diamond Painting Stickers can be stuck to almost any smooth and flat surface, such as

  • as decoration on a notebook, exercise books or a water bottle
  • as a decorative element to give an old cell phone cover a new shine
  • as an eye-catcher for a flower pot or a pen holder

You can also find more numerous ideas and inspirations as images by clicking on a specific Diamond Painting sticker set.
Our Diamond Painting Shop offers a wide selection of different sets of Diamond Painting stickers from many different themes. As you browse through our extensive sticker collection, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Whether it’s butterflies, owls or superheroes, among all the different beautiful motifs you’re sure to find more than one that your child will love!
In our blog section you will also find many practical Diamond Painting tips and tricks, as well as experiences and stories about the glittering world of 5D Diamond Painting. And for those who still want to know how to create Diamond Painting stickers, we have a step-by-step tutorial:

How do I create a Diamond Painting sticker?

  1. Cut out your favorite sticker
  2. Pick a color on your design, see what symbol is printed on it and take the bag of diamonds with the same symbol
  3. Carefully open the bag with a pair of scissors and pour the diamonds into the bowl
  4. Use the Diamond Painting pen with some wax on the tip to paint
  5. Now remove the protective foil from the surface of your sticker
  6. Stick the diamonds on the corresponding position
  7. Finish the work for the whole sticker
  8. Remove the sticker from the backing paper
  9. Now stick the sticker on the desired position