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Discover licensed Diamond Paintings

With the Carat Art Collection you will find exclusive Diamond Art artworks by selected artists as a template for your unique Diamond Painting picture. Experience with one of our artist sets how a fascinating diamond painting is created from thousands of small glittering stones, while you can not only live out your creativity, but also find relaxation and peace at the same time.
Our licensed diamond art paintings are not only a special treat because of their fantastic motifs, but also the creation of your exclusive diamond puzzle will give you a lot of pleasure.
In both diamond paintings, sparkling stones are applied like diamonds to a printed and self-adhesive canvas. Stone by stone, your diamond painting comes to life and depending on the incidence of light, new glittering and sparkling accents emerge again and again, which will inspire you.
Enjoy a creative hobby with Diamond Painting and transform white walls into your own glittering Diamond Art Club exhibition for you and your guests to admire with the exclusive pictures of the Carat Art Collection.

Carat Art – your Diamond Painting Shop

Of course, our sets are designed so that you not only get the canvas, but in each set is everything you need to create your artwork. Of course, this also applies to our paintings from the “Collections” section. The scope of delivery of each exclusive Carat Art Diamond Painting Set therefore always includes:

  • Printed premium canvas with the motif you have chosen
  • Printed legend, so you can see at which place the matching diamonds must be applied
  • Exclusive tool set (tray, pen with foam grip and 2 multiple attachments, metal tweezers, wax in handy container)
  • High quality 5D Diamonds, assorted colors and sufficient quantity, either with round or square stones, depending on your selection
  • Separate DMC legend on paper
  • Short illustrated instructions on the package

So all you have to do is choose one of our beautiful Diamond Painting designs and you’ll automatically receive a complete kit that includes everything you need to get started right away. As soon as your Diamond Painting order arrives, you can start right away and your relaxing and creative time out can begin.