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Diamond Painting Accessories Shop

Diamond Painting accessories from your Diamond Painting Shop

At Carat Art you will find in the Diamond Painting accessories store not only a lot of Diamond Painting accessories, but also a selection of great Diamond Painting glitter stones with the particularly shimmering “Aurora Borealis” – coating for even more shine and glitter in your diamond painting!
Whether you are already a Diamond Painting expert or still a Diamond Painting beginner, with practical accessories and beautiful AB diamonds makes your creative DIY hobby even more fun.

Diamond Painting items with fast shipping

If you want to buy additional Diamond Painting accessories or additional AB glitter stones, our Diamond Painting accessories store is the right place for you. We have a wide selection of Diamond Painting items that will make your DIY hobby even more beautiful and easier. At Carat Art, you’ll find everything from handy Diamond Painting storage boxes to extra glittery AB-effect Diamond Painting diamonds that will make you shine.
Both our Diamond Painting accessories and our Diamond Painting AB diamonds are shipped directly from our warehouse in Germany, so you can order anytime and enjoy them quickly without long waiting times. So if you’re looking for extra sparkly AB diamonds or need more Diamond Painting boxes for your next big project, our Diamond Painting online store is the place to go and your desired items will be just a click away and usually at your doorstep in 1-3 business days. We won’t keep you waiting long and the Carat Art team is always available to answer your questions about our Diamond Painting assortment.

More fun creating Diamond Paintings

Here at Carat Art you will find besides beautiful Diamond Paintings also all sorts of Diamond Painting accessories that can help you so that the diamond pictures gluing even easier by hand and you can enjoy each of your Diamond Painting time out properly. In our store you will find many Diamond Painting articles in different designs, with which you can equip yourself individually and according to your personal taste.
Whether you call your hobby Diamond Painting or Diamond Puzzle, with beautiful and functional accessories and the extra portion of BLING – for example in the form of our Diamond Painting AB diamonds set – your hobby is even more fun and the result will make you shine. So reward yourself every now and then with a little upgrade of your Diamond Painting equipment or a few extra sparkling AB diamonds and have fun trying it out!
Click right through our extensive range of accessories and Diamond Painting AB stones and let yourself be inspired by our large selection!