5-part Diamond Painting - Happy elephants

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Discover our high quality Diamond Paintings "Happy elephants"

The mood of this picture is pure Africa. The warm colours of the setting sun and the silhouette of the trees swathing you away into the deepest savannah, where three happy elephants are marching towards their settlement to chat about their today’s adventures. If you stop and immerse yourself in this picture, you could hear them giggle.

Our online shop offers a wide variety of diamond painting kits suitable to any taste and preferences, and our blog invites you to find out more about what diamond painting is.


Your diamond painting comes in a high-quality design packaging that perfectly matches the product and optimally protects the following:

  • Premium canvas with the motif of your choice
  • Legend enabling you to see where the appropriate diamond stones have to be applied
  • Exclusive tool set for immediate start (tray, soft-grip tool pen with 3 different attachments, tweezers, wax container)
  • Acrylic diamond stones, sorted by color and in sufficient numbers

You will also find a short illustrated instruction manual and a preview image of the finished motif on the outside of the packaging.

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