Diamond Painting - Emanuela Mannello - At Spectral River

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Emanuela Mannello

Stone shape


Width x Height

55cm x 70cm

Amount of colours

71-80 colours

Number of AB colours

7-10 AB


without tool kit



Diamond Painting - Emanuela Mannello - At Spectral River €65,99

Diamond Painting Tool-Set Premium

Diamond Painting at spectral river+High quality Diamond Painting accessories for Carat Art Standard Diamond Paintings with pen, squooshi, high quality tweezers, stylish wax, tray and multiple attachments.
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Discover "At Spectral River" - your exclusive Diamond Painting

This enchanting motif from the Carat Art Collection can only be found in the Diamond Painting Shop by Carat Art – with fast shipping from Germany.

The enchanting little witch and her little black cat are going on an evening trip to the river where the friendly water spirits live. On dreamy nights like this, the little witch likes to come to the river to chat with the magical water creatures and tell each other their secrets.

With the extraordinary design of this diamond painting, you can create a beautiful decoration for your home. Spend soothing hours of creative relaxation and create your own diamond painting artwork from thousands of tiny glittering drills. Your sparkling “Do it yourself” diamond painting will come to life drill by drill and you can experience how, depending on the light, new glittering and sparkling highlights are created again and again, which will inspire you.

Our Online-Shop offers a large selection of diamond painting pictures and there is something for practically every taste. If you want to learn more about what diamond painting is and how it works, we recommend our Blog- and Tutorial, which contains many exciting and educational articles on the subject of diamond painting.

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About the Artist

Emanuela Mannello

Emanuela was born in Rome, where she grew up and graduated from the International school of comics, where she studied artistic drawing, graphic design and illustration. After completing her studies, she worked with a number of publishers and took part in various competitions. This year, the Sharjah Book Authority will be exhibiting their illustrations of “Beauty and the Beast”.
When she creates her artwork, she fantasises about the world of music, Disney, and the Victorian Age. She takes inspiration from her favourite books. She prefers digital art with Photoshop and watercolours, and her drawings are refined by exempt detailing. She is fond of colours, nature, animals and Harry Potter.


Your Diamond Painting comes with the following accessories in high-quality designer box that perfectly matches the product and provides optimum protection:

  • Premium short lint canvas with crystal-clear premium print and poured glue
  • Legend on the left and right of the canvas so that you can see where the matching diamond drills need to be applied
  • separate legend as a sticker sheet for your diamond boxes
  • exclusive Carat Art washitape & wax container with 3 wax pads
  • Diamond drills made of resin, sorted by colour, packed in zip bags and in sufficient quantity
  • optionally with or without tool set (white tray, soft-grip tool pen with different attachments, tweezers, wax container with 3 wax pads)
You will also find brief illustrated instructions and a preview image of the design on the outside of the box.

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