Diamond Painting Mini Set "Mr. & Mrs. Raccoon" 2 parts with AB diamonds

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Width x Height

2x 13cm x 18cm



Stone shape


Kind of diamond

AB, Standard

Number of AB colours

Min. 1 AB

Diamond Painting Mini Set "Mr. & Mrs. Raccoon" 2 parts with AB diamonds €14,99

Discover the new Diamond Painting Carat Cuties "Mr. & Mrs.Racoon"

Whether you’re looking to try diamond painting for the first time, or you’re in the mood for a cute little project every now and then. Whether you’re looking for a special gift for a diamond painting newbie or need a glittery surprise for a creative kid, our new and exclusive Carat Cuties mini sets are made just for that!

All of our diamond painting mini sets are adorably small, with super cute diamond art motifs ranging from cute panda bears and glittery unicorns to cool robots and iconic camping buses to sugary cupcakes and hearty kittens drawn exclusively for Carat Art by our illustrator, Malin Jakobsson.

The Carat Cuties mini set “Mr.& Mrs. Raccoon” consists of 2 small diamond paintings, each measuring 13x18cm. The 2 different raccoon motifs are next to each other on a canvas and can be divided with scissors. So you can make the individual cute raccoons independently or paint several together. When one of the small raccoon pictures is finished, it fits perfectly in a small picture frame – ideal to put on the desk or nightstand, hang on the wall or to give as a gift…

Carat Cuties – cuddly diamond painting sets

Carat Cuties mini sets are ideal projects for diamond painting beginners or children, because the individual motifs are small and the round 5D diamonds included in the set are easier to place on the canvas. And for that special wow effect, almost every one of our diamond painting mini sets includes either a variety of the especially beautiful iridescent-glittering AB diamonds or a variety of noctilucent diamonds. So diamond painting with the Carat Cuties series becomes even more magical and beautiful.

Carat Cuties – your entry into the world of diamond painting

With our Carat Cuties, anyone who has always wanted to try this wonderful hobby will find the perfect start. The only question is whether you can decide for one with all these cute motifs. To make sure you’re spoiled for choice, you’ll find a great selection of cuddly Carat Cuties including everything you need for your creative DIY in our diamond painting shop.

For even more creative fun, check out our shop for a great selection of functional and affordable accessories.

And for all diamond painting beginners, we have a detailed illustrated step-by-step guide in our tutorial section.

Package contents

Your diamond painting mini set comes in a high quality design packaging that perfectly matches the product and optimally protects the following:

  • Premium canvas with your chosen mini motifs
  • Legend so you can see where to apply the matching diamonds
  • Matching tool set to get you started right away (tray, tool pen, wax)
  • Diamonds made of resin / acrylic including one color AB diamonds, assorted colors and in sufficient quantity

In addition, you will find a short illustrated instruction manual and a preview image of the finished motif on the outside of the package.

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