Diamond painting sticker set - owls

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Diamond painting sticker set - owls €11,99

Discover our high-quality Diamond Painting Stickers "Owls" for the children's birthday party

We have the answer!

Diamonds painting sticker sets !
They are perfect to occupy a group of kids at once creating colourful stickers in different designs – for boys and for girls – giving hours of creative fun! They are bright, non-fading and super craftastic!

Our shop gives you an amazing opportunity to get 2 sets of diamond painting stickers along with two tool sets for the price of one! You can’t dream of a better offer.  If your party is bigger, then these children friendly multipack of pens are a must and trays too! We’ve got you covered! Let us equip your child’s special day, to bring a worry free, creative and full of fun experience for everyone.

Perfect for kids

These little packets of diamond painting stickers will

  • improve your child’s abilities whilst having sparkling fun
  • help your child develop skills like colour perception, concentration, social interaction, attention to detail and team work of course!
  • give loads of creative fun

It will also give you an opportunity for an activity, which you can do together!

Millions ways of using the sticker sets

  • when the weather is bad and you are just out of ideas,
  • when you have other kids over and need to entertain them,
  • when you are on holidays and other activities lost the sparkle and magic,
  • when you want to create something together with your child to build amazing memories.
  • to decorate a notebook, lunch box, water bottle, a picture frame or a cup.
  • to bring some character to an old phone case
  • to display on memo board, desk or on flower pot

Look through our extensive collection to find more designs your child will love!

What's inside your diamond painting sticker kit

Your kids-diamond-painting-sticker-set comes in a packaging that perfectly matches the product and optimally protects the following:

  • 12 premium sticker (2 x 6) with sticker motifs you have chosen
  • 2 x suitable tool set for kids for immediate start (tray, tool pen, wax)
  • Acrylic diamond stones, sorted by color and in sufficient numbers

You will also find a preview image of the finished motif on the outside of the packaging.

How to create a diamond painting sticker?

1. Cut out your favourite design

2. Tear off the film of the surface

3. Look at the animal’s colour number and find a bag with diamonds with the same symbol

4. Pour the diamonds in the tray

5. Use the diamond painting pen with sticky wax

6. Glue diamonds to their corresponding colour position

7. Finish.

8. Peel off the diamond sticker

9. Paste it/stick it anywhere you like and allow it to.

Safety claim

Children under the age of 5 should diamond paint only under adult supervision.

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