Diamond Painting Storage Box - Transparent (56 pcs.)

€9,99 In stock
Diamond Painting Storage Box - Transparent (56 pcs.) €9,99

Accessorise your work space with our dazzling selection of small but super important tools

This diamond painting multi storage solution is an ideal tool to ease your work, when organising the diamonds. The storage box made of transparent plastic with transparent individual containers always shows you their contents and also offers you many other advantages:

  • 56 transparent containers (14 x 4) with tightly closing lids for individual removal keep everything safely and separately stowed away
  • Clear storage to accommodate up to 56 different diamond stones, separated by color
  • Lightweight and portable, so that you can have all the diamond stones for a project with you everywhere with one grip
  • Great sorting system is also suitable for all your other small handicraft materials, such as beads, jewelry, etc.

The dimension of this diamond storage organiser is 21cm long by 17.4cm wide and 2.6cm high. It fits into any drawer, or cupboard putting away all small accessories you might need during a handicraft project.

Create a space, where your project will flourish and your work will become more easy

Ergonomically set up workspace benefits the workflow and makes the job easier and more pleasurable for anybody. Diamond painting is a process which requires to be organised and prepared, as only then it becomes super enjoyable.

In our amazing accessories collection you will find anything you might need to set up a perfect diamond painting working environment, from spare wax pads to pens, and LED trays to achieve that perfect diamond line.

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