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Carat Art Diamond Painting Shop – your world for diamond pictures

If you are looking for Diamond Painting Germany, you have come to the right place. Carat Art is your Diamond Painting Shop based and stocked in Germany and we also ship our high quality Diamond Painting pictures directly from Germany to you. Good quality, fair prices, no long waiting times and if you want you can always contact us online by e-mail or by phone during our service hours. You can also find answers to many questions on the subject of “diamond painting” in our FAQ section.

With Diamond Painting DIY Sets from Carat Art you don’t need a brush to be creative

Diamond painting works like painting by numbers, but instead of using brushes and paints, you create your picture by sticking small diamond stones onto a self-adhesive canvas. This is great for anyone looking for a relaxing hobby where they can get creative without much effort. Diamond Painting is do-it-yourself art with the 5D effect. Our high-quality diamond-cut stones glitter and shimmer and are guaranteed to make you shine too, as your DIY artwork gradually comes to sparkling life under your fingertips.
And for all Diamond Painting beginners, we have of course also a detailed Diamond Painting Instruction, which shows you step by step and with lots of pictures how easy it is to turn your pre-printed canvas into a fascinating diamond picture.

5D Diamond Painting mit Glitzertift und Kaffee

Try something new with Diamond Painting images

Are you looking for a new hobby? You want to be creative & relax at the same time? You love DO IT YOURSELF?
Then you’ve come to the right place. With diamond paintings from Carat Art you can experience creativity, relaxation and DIY and easily create your own diamond painting artwork from sparkling diamonds. Start your Diamond Painting journey today and see how your diamond painting becomes a unique glittering highlight, stone by stone. With everything you need to get started in every Carat Art Diamond Painting Set, your creative and relaxing break can begin as soon as your diamond painting arrives from our Diamond Painting Shop. So all you have to do is choose one of our beautiful Diamond Painting Sets and you have everything you need to try out this relaxing hobby.
Your Carat Art Diamond Painting comes in a high-quality design packaging that perfectly matches the product and protects the following:

  • Premium canvas with the motif of your choice
  • Legend so that you can see where the matching diamond stones need to be applied
  • Exclusive Diamond Painting tool set for immediate start (Diamond Painting tray, Soft-Grip tool pen with 3 different attachments, metal tweezers, Diamond Painting wax in practical container).
  • High-quality 5D diamonds, assorted colours and in sufficient quantity
Diamond Painting Stift, Schiffchen und Leinwand

Diamond paintings from the Carat Art Diamond Painting Shop – like jigsaw puzzles, only better!

Anyone who likes to do jigsaw puzzles will also love Diamond Painting. Similar to jigsaw puzzles, the selected motif is created piece by piece with a lot of calm and patience. With both activities, you can easily enter a creative and at the same time meditative state, which helps you to switch off and thus escape from the hectic everyday life. In addition to the relaxing activity, painting with diamonds, just like conventional puzzles, also has many other positive effects from which you can benefit in passing. Diamond painting as a hobby offers you:

  • a wonderful time full of joy and contentment
  • Deceleration from the hectic everyday life
  • Reduction of stress and anxiety
  • Promoting concentration, patience and fine motor skills
  • Increasing creativity
  • a feeling of fulfilment and happiness

In addition, with Diamond Painting you will also be amazed at how your picture comes to sparkling life through the use of the cut diamond stones and you can hold a fantastic, very plastic-looking result in your hands at the end. Each diamond puzzle, when completed, will be a lasting work of art that you have created yourself and with which you can easily and effortlessly embellish your home.

Diamond Painting Shop Carat Art | At Your Fingertips

What’s more, Diamond Painting can be easily interrupted and, thanks to the soft, flexible canvas, simply rolled up and packed away without having to worry that something will get mixed up or destroyed, because the already laid stones adhere firmly and securely to the self-adhesive canvas. So you can work on it anytime and anywhere, whether at the dining table, in the living room while watching TV, on the terrace or even on holiday.
You can find even more experiences and stories about the glittering world of diamond puzzles and practical Diamond Painting tips and tricks in our Blog.

Diamond Painting – your hobby is our passion

Carat Art is all about Diamond Painting. We have a huge selection of beautiful Diamond Painting pictures – from the big multi-part canvas, and exclusive artist Diamond Painting motifs to small projects for Diamond Painting startes or kids. Whether large or small canvases, with round or square 5D stones, with animal or mermaid motifs, Diamond Paintings with glow-in-the-dark stones, Diamond Paintings with glitter stones, fantasy or landscape pictures: at Carat Art you will find your Diamond Painting.
In addition, you can buy practical and inexpensive accessories for your creative hobby, buy Diamond Painting sticker with many different motifs for big & small or also great Diamond Painting notebooks and we are constantly expanding our range for you. Stay curious and check back regularly!