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Carat Cuties - cute little diamond painting sets

Discover the new Diamond Painting Carat Cuties

Whether you’re trying out Diamond Painting for the first time or just want to do a smaller project every now and then, our new Carat Cuties Mini and Midi sets are just what you need. Whether you’re looking for a special gift for a Diamond Painting newbie or need a sparkly surprise for a creative kid, our new and exclusive Carat Cuties Mini and Midi sets are made for just that!
All of our Diamond Painting Mini and Midi sets are extra small and feature adorable Diamond Art motifs drawn exclusively for Carat Art by our illustrator Malin Jakobsson.

Carat Cuties – cute Diamond Painting pictures

Carat Cuties Mini and Midi sets are ideal projects for Diamond Painting beginners or children, as the individual diamond pictures are not too large and the round 5D diamonds included in the set are easier to place on the canvas than square diamonds.

  • Each Carat Cuties Mini Set consists of 2 to 5 small Diamond Paintings, each 13x18cm. The motifs are next to each other on a canvas and can be divided with scissors if necessary. So you can make the individual motifs independently of each other or also paint to several together.
  • Each Carat Cuties Midi Set consists of 1 to 3 individual Diamond Paintings in the size 21x30cm. Depending on the number of pictures included are also included accordingly many tool sets per set, so you can paint with two or three motifs also to two or three.

When a Carat Cuties motif is finished, it fits perfectly into a picture frame – ideal for placing on a desk or nightstand, hanging on a wall, or giving as a gift….

Carat Cuties – your entry into the Diamond Painting world

With our Carat Cuties, anyone who has always wanted to try the wonderful hobby of Diamond Painting will find the perfect introduction. The only question is whether you can decide on one of all these cute motifs. So you’re spoiled for choice, you’ll find a wide selection of cuddly Carat Cuties including everything you need for your creative DIY in our Diamond Painting Shop.
For even more creative fun, you’ll also find a great selection of functional and affordable Diamond Painting accessories in our shop.
And for all Diamond Painting beginners, we have a detailed illustrated step-by-step guide in our tutorial section.