Set Diamond Painting Crystal diamonds square resin (20)

€24,99 In stock
Set Diamond Painting Crystal diamonds square resin (20) €24,99

Add even more glitter and shimmer to your Diamond Painting images with our square Crytsla diamonds

Due to their glass effect, rhinestones, also called crystals, glitter and sparkle even more than normal Diamond Painting drills. Their glass-like transparency makes them look like small cut gemstones. They sparkle particularly strongly and thus have a very special effect. That is why you can set very special accents with cystal drills.

With this set of square rhinestones you get 20 different crystal drill colours with which you can set extra sparkling accents in every Diamond Painting picture with square drills. Simply replace the normal DMC colours with the corresponding number.
This set contains 20 different colours of square drills. One bag per colour.

The filled quantity of approx. 3.5g per bag corresponds to approx. 600 drills.

Drill shape: square
The following colours are included in each set

602 (Cranberry Medium) salmon pink
718 (Plum) magenta
150 (Ultra Very Dark Dusty Rose) raspberry red
351 (Coral) rust orange
946 (Burnt Orange Medium) dark orange
742 (Tangerine Light) dark yellow
444 (Dark Lemon) light yellow
3078 (Golden Yellow Very Light) cream
703 (Chartreuse) light green
581 (Moss Green) light green
955 (Light Nile Green) pale green
958 (Dark Seagreen) bottle green
964 (Light Seagreen) light turquoise
813 (Light Blue) light blue
3765 (Very Dark Peacock Blue) medium blue
820 (Very Dark Royal Blue) navy blue
963 (Dusty Rose Ultra Very Light) light pink
153 (Very Light Violet) light violet
915 (Dark Plum) wine red
552 (Medium Violet) violet

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