Diamond Painting - Denise Ferragamo - Forest Girl

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Estimated delivery: (order today) This exclusive Diamond Painting is only available at carat.art. The delivery time for this custom made Diamond Painting is approx. 1-3 working days if the item is in stock or 6-10 weeks if it is currently out of stock (status: "Available on backorder").

Denise Ferragamo

Stone shape


Width x Height

50cm x 70cm

Amount of colours

61-70 colours

Number of AB colours

7-10 AB


without tool kit



Diamond Painting - Denise Ferragamo - Forest Girl €67,99

Diamond Painting Tool-Set Premium

Diamond Painting Bild Feinfuchs Bouquet+High quality Diamond Painting accessories for Carat Art Standard Diamond Paintings with pen, squooshi, high quality tweezers, stylish wax, tray and multiple attachments.
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Discover "Forest Girl" - your extraordinary Diamond Painting!

This dreamlike artist’s motif from the Carat Art Collection comes directly from your Diamond Painting Shop to your home – with fast shipping from Germany.
With her hair made of leaves, blossoms and tendrils, the beautiful forest girl looks at us with a dreamy gaze. A moth has settled comfortably in her wonderful leafy hair and lets her protect it.
With this enchanting diamond painting set, you can create a beautiful decoration for your home. Enjoy your creative and relaxing time-out while this wonderful diamond painting is created stone by stone under your fingertips, becoming more and more vivid and beautiful. The unique art motif of this diamond painting is a special treat, both as you create it and as a sparkling eye-catcher on your wall.

Our Online-Shop offers a large selection of diamond painting pictures and there is something for practically every taste. If you want to learn more about what diamond painting is and how it works, we recommend our Blog- and Tutorial, which contains many exciting and educational articles on the subject of diamond painting.

Carat Art Collections - exclusively licensed Diamond Paintings

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About the Artist

Denise Ferragamo

Denise Ferragamo has worked as an artist for her entire life. Creating art is what keeps her inner self happy and fulfilled. Every bad day turns good when she picks up a pencil. Art has been an important part of her life since childhood, where she learned to love creating from her imagination. Most of her art is made in traditional media with an emphasis on line and colour. She has also expanded into digital work. As long as she can express her inner vision, Denise is truly happy.


Your diamond painting comes along with exclusive accessories in a high-quality design packaging that perfectly matches the product and optimally protects the following:

  • Premium canvas with the motif of your choice
  • Legend left and right side on the canvas enabling you to see where the appropriate diamond stones have to be applied
  • separate legend as a sticker sheet for your diamond boxes
  • exclusive Carat Art washi tape
  • optionally with or without an exclusive tool set to start immediately (bowl, soft-grip tool pen with various attachments, tweezers, wax container with 3 wax discs)
  • Resin diamond stones, sorted by color, in zipper bags and in sufficient numbers
You will also find a short illustrated instruction manual and a preview image of the finished motif on the outside of the packaging.

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