Diamond Painting - Premium wooden stand

Diamond Painting - Premium wooden stand

Accessorise your work space with our dazzling selection of small but super important tools

This wooden tray is made out of very high quality wood, which promises durability and stability during diamond painting or any other DIY projects. Its adjustable height and position allows optimal individual adjustment for ergonomic handicrafts.
This tool definitely will make any project easier to achieve, without a strain in your neck or back. It is also light and portable, allowing you to work anywhere you wish.

Our premium wooden stand is available in two different sizes.

Create a space, where your project will flourish and your work will become more easy

Ergonomically set up workspace benefits the workflow and makes the job easier and more pleasurable for anybody. Diamond painting is a process which requires to be organised and prepared, as only then it becomes super enjoyable.

In our amazing accessories collection you will find anything you might need to set up a perfect diamond painting working environment, from spare wax pads to pens, and LED trays to achieve that perfect diamond line.

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