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The 5 best reasons for Diamond Painting

Why diamond painting will enrich your life

Most people’s everyday lives are often hectic and full of appointments, duties or things that have to be done. We often lack regenerative breaks or activities that help us relax in between. But if you don’t consciously take a break every now and then and thus take time out from the stress of everyday life, you will feel burnt out, lacking energy and listless in the long run.
Many people who have already discovered Diamond Painting are very happy to have found a hobby that is not only easy to do and brings creativity and craftsmanship into their lives, but also offers a relaxing balance to stress and hectic life, especially when painting with diamonds.
After all, it’s not without reason that diamond painting is one of the hottest hobbies at the moment. In this post, we’ll tell you all about the benefits of this pastime and why it will enrich your life too!

The 5 best reasons for Diamond Painting

1. Reduce your everyday stress

Stress can have different causes and effects, but it seems to affect us all these days. Every day we have a variety of tasks to do, deadlines to meet and things to get done that it often feels like we are caught in a hamster wheel with no way out. Whether you are a mother or a father, have a stressful office job, are still in education, have a responsible managerial position or are self-employed, life is demanding and sometimes we get in over our heads. In order to cope with this stress, we always need breaks in which we can relax and relieve the pressure of the day. In the best case, we need a method for this that does not cause us any additional obligations and thus pressure, such as fixed appointments for creative courses or yoga classes. Because if the hobby that is supposed to provide a balance causes us additional private stress so that we can make it there on time or have to hire a babysitter for it, then the relaxation effect is quickly gone and we feel even more stressed and under pressure.
For this reason, an activity like Diamond Painting, which we can do at home at any time and without much preparation, is ideal for creating small time-outs that relieve our tension and offer us a balance to our stressful everyday life. As you pick up brick by brick and put them on your canvas, you can literally feel the stress of the day fall away from you and you become calmer and more relaxed.

The 5 best reasons for Diamond Painting

2. Exercises body and mind

Creative activities with the hands stimulate the imagination and thus certain brain functions that can have a positive effect on your well-being. Diamond Painting has comparable positive effects to those already known from puzzles, as it follows similar patterns.
Thus, when painting, similar to creating a puzzle, you can activate both hemispheres of your brain and train your ability to concentrate at the same time. In diamond painting, you also train your fine motor skills while working with the small glitter stones, improve your hand-eye coordination and practise the concentration and patience you need for such an activity. In addition, you learn to solve problems through strategy and structure – in this case, by repeatedly sorting diamond stones and assigning colours and symbols.
Developing and practising all these skills along the way, while pursuing a relaxing hobby, helps you keep both your body and mind sharp and healthy.
Last but not least, diamond painting makes you happy through several processes: Firstly, you keep achieving partial goals – such as individual picture sections or finished colour areas. Moreover, it is something like looking for mushrooms, always a small feeling of happiness when you search for the right symbol for a longer time and finally discover it. Secondly, you are rewarded at the end with the overall result, which you can also hang on the wall as a finished glittering diamond picture, earning admiration and recognition.
Every partial success and especially the finished work of art give us fulfilment and happiness, because the happiness hormone dopamine is released in the body. A good balance of dopamine in turn has a positive effect on our entire life, it cheers us up, makes us balanced and more motivated.

The 5 best reasons for Diamond Painting

3. Meaningful leisure activities

Have you ever wondered what you could do in your free time that would be better than being bored or watching TV for hours on end and not feeling good at the end of the day?
With a meaningful activity that brings you joy, you can not only forget boredom, but also increase your creativity and energy and bring enthusiasm and fulfilment into your life. Because even if you feel tired and lacking in energy after a hard day’s work, you can get more energy, fulfilment and balance from a satisfying leisure activity than you might think. Especially if you have been doing monotonous routine work all day, doing something creative will give you a boost of energy that will invigorate your spirit.
A creative activity like Diamond Painting is ideal for this and it can be done without any preparation, deadlines or pressure: Just get going whenever you like, and there’s no one to tell you how far to get or when and how often to do it. You don’t have to achieve anything except the goals you set for yourself. It’s wonderfully relaxing and an absolute antidote to all the to-dos and obligations of everyday life.
In addition, it can be very fulfilling to completely engage in a new hobby like diamond painting. For most people who have tried it once, it is so fascinating straight away that they forget time and space and immerse themselves enthusiastically in another world full of glittering little stones. It’s even more fun when you make contacts with people who share your hobby and can exchange ideas with them. On the internet you will find lots of like-minded people who have found each other in the social media and who support each other with tips and tricks, and in our Diamond Painting Shop you are sure to find a perfect motif to start this fascinating hobby.

The 5 best reasons for Diamond Painting

4. DIY decorations for your home

Instead of spending a lot of money on fancy decorations, you can easily embellish your own walls with DIY projects you design yourself. With a hobby like diamond painting, you not only have a relaxing pastime, but you can also create very individual wall decorations at the same time.
Diamond paintings as individual wall decorations are a wonderful way to add a personal touch to your own rooms. With a pretty frame, they look like special works of art that will attract many admiring glances with their glitter and shimmer. It can also look particularly beautiful if you hang various diamond pictures in different formats on the wall as a small picture gallery.
After you have finished your diamond picture, you can mount it on a frame or frame it with a picture frame and hang it on your wall. Whether in your living room, bedroom, staircase or hallway, a glittering and sparkling 5d diamond picture is the best DIY decoration for your home.
If you’re looking for a wall design that will catch everyone’s eye, check out the exclusive carat art collection paintings at our Diamond Painting Shop. These unique designs created by our artists can only be found here as a glittering diamond painting that will make you and your home shine.

The 5 best reasons for Diamond Painting

5. Always a special gift

Whether for Christmas, for a wedding, as a birthday surprise or for Mother’s or Father’s Day – with diamond painting as a hobby you always have a special gift idea for everything and everyone.
Because when you give your fellow human beings a homemade diamond painting and you have produced an individual gift with flair, creativity and many hours of work, you signal to others that they are worth it to you. You don’t have to buy expensive things to make others happy. To think intensively about a gift and, in the case of a diamond picture, to also think about the wishes and preferences of the recipient and to take this into account when choosing the motif shows how important this person is to you.
In addition to the special charm that handmade gifts such as a self-designed diamond picture exude, homemade gifts have other advantages. Homemade gifts are always well received because the recipient appreciates your effort and the time you have invested. In addition, each diamond picture that you create yourself stone by stone is unique. You can even personalise it for the person you are giving it to or add your initials.
What’s more, as well as giving your loved one a finished piece of art, you can also give them a DIY diamond painting kit so they can get creative themselves.
There’s no better way to show someone that you’ve put some thought into what to treat him or her with. After all, a gift that can even become a new hobby is the best gift idea ever!
With a Diamond Painting Set, you have a gift that promises hours of fun and entertainment and, at the end, the joy of proudly holding the finished, self-designed picture in your hands.